Monday, January 28, 2008

Crafty Crafts

The past few days have been pretty quite. I've been on a knitting spree and have finished a number of projects. My latest thing is knitting toys for Liam. I made this really cool puzzle ball for his Easter basket. It's constructed from 12 knitted pieces that are stuffed and sewn together. The finished ball is about 9 inches in diameter.

I am also making a number of finger puppets for Easter too. I am proud to say that these guys are my own design. So far I have a white tiger, elephant, and yellow cat done. I also plan to make a bear and a bunny rabbit. I know my choice of animals is pretty random, but I'm limited to whatever scraps of yarn I have around the house. (I'd be happy to share the pattern if anyone is interested.)

I also made this simple ball for him to play with now. It's about 6 inches in diameter. I added bells inside when I stuffed it, so it jiggles when Liam throws it around. I'm really digging making things for him to play with!

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