Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas cubed

Today we took a road trip to Fort Wayne for my extended family Christmas gathering. We no longer exchange gifts, but just get together for good food and some good company. This year we went to my grandparents new house. Liam loves it there because it has such large open spaces for him to run around in. He got to play a bit of pool with the guys. I also let him eat cookies and crackers like the rest of us...he loves pinwheel cookies like his mommy! A couple of my cousin's finally brought their girlfriends to meet the family. It was really nice to meet them. Of course my aunts and uncles had to spoil Liam with some gifts. Thanks a bunch everyone, but you didn't have to!

Liam on Uncle Scott's shoulders

The Family

Grandpa playing pool with some of my cousins

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