Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An overwhelming day

I'm calling today an overwhelming day because Liam seemed to be a little out of sorts today. Perhaps I tried to pack in too many fun things for one little toddler to handle. This morning I spent a lot of time playing with him. We colored, played blocks and trains. I am happy to report that he is very good at stacking his blocks now. And he actually will stack them for a while before knocking everything over with a load "crash"! He has also figured out how to put together the wooden track for the trains, which is nice, because he is always crashing them apart too.

Mid-morning we took off to visit the in-home daycare that was opened by one of the directors of the old daycare that Liam attended. He really loved it there. I have a few reservations...A home just isn't quite as safe as a daycare center. But overall I think they had a good place. I've just got to check out a few more options before making a decision.

Liam really didn't want to leave the daycare and threw a huge tantrum when we had to go. I think he was overtired, because he quickly fell asleep after I got him calmed down in the car. I took a little drive while he slept. One of the places I drove to was a house in Eaton Rapids that we almost bought last year. I was glad to see that someone had bought it and that it was no longer setting vacant.

At noon we met daddy at work for lunch. Liam was happy to see daddy and was on his very best behavior while we were there. Of course Liam ate up all the attention he got from Sean's female coworkers. Afterward we went to a new playgroup that meets that the Impression 5 museum. We were happy to see our friends Lisa and little Lesli came to this group too. Much to my surprise, Liam had numerous melt-downs while we were there and also upon leaving. Liam was definitely out of sorts and not his usual happy-go-lucky self.

Consequently, I spent a bunch of time cuddling and playing with him at home this afternoon. He was my little shadow until I went to work tonight. We'll take tomorrow a little easier.

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