Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hooray for Tot time!

Both Liam and I were extremely happy that tot time resumed this week on Monday. The weather was also unseasonably warm, so we took a lovely stroll down to the community center in the morning. Liam played with other toddlers, I talked with other moms...it's a good thing! My friend Lindsey and her daughter Scarlet were there. Lindsey told me all about the birth of her little niece. Her sister was 41 weeks pregnant and was induced last Thursday. I watched Scarlet for a while Thursday morning while Lindsey was with her sister. Her niece was born a little after 11pm on the 4th. She was nearly 21 inches long and 7+ pounds (I can't remember the exact numbers). Apparently, Lindsey's sister was able to make it through the labor with no pain meds, even though being induced is usually more painful than regular labor. Way to go!

Liam took a long afternoon nap. When he woke up I made him a late lunch. One of his favorite foods right now is scrambled eggs. He gobbled up two eggs! When daddy came home we all went out for another walk. This time we went to the Library for some books and videos.

Today it was still warm, but extremely wet. The nasty weather made it impossible to go for a walk outside, but we did run a few errands. Liam wasn't happy to be out, however, and was actually happier at home this afternoon. Unlike yesterday, he really didn't want to nap today. I think it was because he slept in so late this morning. I sure hope that he isn't trying to phase out naps...I will never get anything done if he doesn't take at least one nap a day!

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