Thursday, June 14, 2007

Barns and Bikes

Today we took a trip up to visit our friend Eva and little Hannah for the afternoon. Liam napped during the lovely drive to the countryside. When we arrived at Eva's and I opened the car door, there was a strong oder of mint in the air. Mint is one of the biggest crops in this part of Michigan. Liam was so excited to play with Hannah and her toys. He also enjoyed chasing their tabby cat all around the house (thankfully their cat was extremely laid back).

Eventually we all made our way to a nearby farm to visit some of the animals. Liam got to see baby cows, but was most interested in their well trained dogs. He loved watching the older kids throw a frisbee to the dog. Liam also played with their youngest son, Joe, who is just a month older than Liam but even BIGGER than him!

We didn't get home till almost 6pm after getting stuck in some traffic on the way home. After dinner, Liam and mommy ate some apple slices. He went to bed at 9pm tonight, which is the earliest he's gone to sleep in a long time.

Wednesday Liam went to daycare, as usual. This time he cried and sobbed as I went to leave. I was surprised, because he's been so good about being left at daycare. I gave him another hug and kiss, but then had to go. He definitely knows how to tug on my heartstrings!

I had a hectic day of meetings. Sean and I ate a quick dinner when he came home and then we went to pick up Liam together. Liam was snoozing in a swing when we arrived. He was very happy to see us when daddy woke him. I let him nurse before we left. On the way home we stopped at Target for more baby Tylenol (a must while he's teething!). While we were there, we discovered that they had an infant bike helmet in stock...we've been looking everywhere for one of these! Now that Liam has a helmet, we will have to renew our effort to find affordable bikes to replace the ones that were stolen.

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