Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Straw Sippin'

The past two days have been pretty uneventful. Liam spent his mornings playing with Elli at Sara's house. He took long naps in the afternoon because he was so tired out. Elli hung out with us Monday afternoon and we all stayed in to beat the heat (I also broke down and turned on the AC unit). This afternoon we hung out at home until daddy came home, then took a long walk around the neighborhood looking at homes for sale. Liam got antsy in the stroller, so I carried him on my shoulders for a little while. He loved being up there and constantly squealed and babbled with delight.

This afternoon I saw Liam standing for nearly a minute without support. He is getting braver and braver about standing on his own. In the evening Liam was begging for water out of my glass. I decided to get a straw and see if we could teach him how to use it. We were very pleased when he picked it up in a matter of minutes. So now Liam can successfully drink water from a sippy cup, water bottle, and now a straw.

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