Thursday, June 28, 2007

A trip to the clinic

Some bad news this evening. We took Liam to the emergency pediatric clinic because he had an alarming temperature of 104-degrees! He started out with a temp this morning. I called the nurse line at his peds office. She suggested was probably just a summer virus. So I gave him Tylenol and we went about our business for the day. He took an astounding four naps! When he woke from his fourth nap this evening he was bright red and very hot to the touch. That's when his temp was 104 and we took him to the clinic. By the time we got there, it had gone down to 102. By the time the doctor saw us, it was 101. The verdict: a summer flu bug that is going around. He had a very sore looking throat too. The poor guy. The doctor said that it would probably take a couple days to clear up and to feed him cold soothing foods and plenty of fluids in the meantime. (sigh) Why does he always get sick just before we leave town?!

The good news for today is that Liam did his first baby sign. I was feeding him avocado in the highchair and when he ran out I asked "do you want some more?" and he signed MORE! I'm glad that the signs are starting to sink in.

PS - He weighed 24lb 12oz fully clothed.

PPS - Liam went in the potty four times today!

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Charlotte & Us said...

Wow! I am very impressed by your potty progress. I went to that website for EC, and I might just give it a try after we get back from our trip to Georgia in 2 weeks. I did rush her in and hold her over the toilet when she started grunting yesterday, and caught a little poop in the toilet. I will have to tune in better to be able to tell when she's about to pee... I'm not sure how we'll do at this.

Her signing is really picking up speed now. I can tell that she's frequently at a loss for "words," and will resort to using a sign that doesn't apply (especially milk), and then look at her hands and me, confused... hahaha. She's really into starting conversations now though... it's so much fun!

(ha ha ha, look at me, commenting on your blog, when I'm over a week behind on my own! bad mommy!) Enjoy your days with Liam... he's such a big hunk of cuteness! Charlotte is still a scrawny 18 pounds, if that... most of her clothes are still size 6-9 months, if you can believe it.

Miss you guys!