Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Don't tell the landlord there's poopoo on the carpet... (post for June 11, 2007)

Yesterday morning started out pretty idyllic. Liam played well while I did yoga for the first time in a couple months. Everything was happy and relaxed. Until...the diaper blowout from ___ - well you know.

I left the room for a moment to put the diaper laundry in the dryer. When I returned, I noticed Liam playing with something in his hands that look vaguely like peas. But I hadn't given him any peas this morning and didn't leave the container anywhere in reach, so they couldn't be peas, right?...Then I suddenly realized that these were peas and that they had come from his diaper!!! Yikes! There was poopoo all over him, the floor, and the blanket that I had been doing yoga on! An emergency bath ensued and a half hour later everything had returned to normalcy...somewhat.

A little later we went to the group for Natural Family Living at the birth center. I've been meaning to go to these meetings since Liam was born, but somehow had always missed'em. This month's meeting was on babywearing. I brought along a couple of my carriers to share. I met a few new moms, including one who lives just down the street from me in the same neighborhood. I also met up with a few moms that I hadn't seen in several months (ever since Liam graduated to the crawlers group). The last time I saw their babies, they were newborns...now they were big and sitting...how time flies! Liam had a blast playing with all the toys and other babies, as usual. He is so social...not at all like his mommy and daddy!

After the meeting I took Liam to his pediatrician just to be safe about his possible ingestion of stuff animal stuffing. His doctor said he was fine and that anything he ate would pass through given time. (Way to make me feel like a total paranoid mama!) BTW: Liam now weighs a whopping 23 pounds!

Liam fell asleep on the way home and he continued to sleep once I put him in his crib. Meanwhile, Sara brought Elli over for me to watch. Elli played by herself until Liam woke up. He got excited and started jumping up and down in his crib when he saw Elli follow me into his room. They played together the rest of the afternoon and evening. After Elli left, daddy helped Liam practice standing on his own. He can stand up for a few seconds at a time before he looses his balance.

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