Thursday, June 7, 2007

From Chilly to Steamy

Wednesday morning was really cold. I dressed Liam up in pants, button-up shirt, and sweater vest for school (aka daycare). He looked so cute. He had a good day at school and impressed the teaches by waving bye-bye as we were leaving for home. The weather got nice enough that they took Liam out for a walk - his first time outside while at school. Liam was so tired from his day of playing that he promptly fell asleep when we got to the car. He even slept through dinner on my lap, while Sean and I ate out. When we got home we all took a stroll around the neighborhood.

I took this picture after his bath. He's chewing on his favorite bath toy - a terry cloth octopus. He loves his time in the buff after baths. Tonight he got pretty cranky when it was finally time to get dressed for bed.


Today was full of excitement. This morning, Liam started playing hide-and-seek with me. He found the corner of our bedroom behind the bed and thought it was funny to make me find him there. Every time I turned around he was making his way for his favorite hiding place! I know he thought it was a game, because he would giggle if I chased after him or when I found him.

Elli came over this afternoon. I planned to take both of them to the beach at the local park, since the weather was supposed to heat back up again today. While we walked there Elli napped and Liam happily babbled to himself and pointed at everything. He especially likes the shadows that trees make on the sidewalk and gets excited when he sees birds and squirrels. When we got to the beach, Lindsey was there with Scarlett and Keisha as there with Lilly and her older daughter Maya. Jamie and her three little ones also came. I sat on the shore with the babies on my lap to let them dip their toes in the water. It was cold, but it felt really good! Liam was so happy to be in the water. He wanted to sit in it and walk around in it and do lots of splashing! Elli was a little more cautious, and watched all the older kids playing. After a while we decided to go to the water-park area, where there was shade. Lindsey and Scarlet came with us. One of Maya's classmates wanted to play with Elli and Liam in the water, so I had to keep an eye on all three of them. The babies were quite tired by the time I headed home. They slept as I walked home through the humid, hot, and super windy air. When Elli's daddy came to pick her up, Liam waved bye-bye without being prompted. He's so smart!

Sorry there's no pictures from our adventure at the park. I had too many things to carry (including babies!). Maybe next time I'll get some photos...


Cat said...

Hey - just finished reading your blog from start to finish. Can't wait for the next episode of "Life with Liam"!

ArchyMommy said...

Thanks for your interest. Are you someone I know, or just someone who stumbled upon our blog?