Saturday, June 9, 2007

When there's not just food in the poopoo...

This morning while changing Liam's diaper, amongst the usual partially digested peas, blueberries, etc...there was something that was not edible. I discovered two plastic bee-bees - the kind that are often used as filler in stuffed animals.

I promptly sorted through his stuffies. Many of them have bee-bees, but none of them have holes or loose seams. I decided to take away some of his stuffed animals while he's teething. The only thing I can think of is that while bitting one of them, he accidentally pulled the bee-bees through the fabric and swallowed them. (Don't worry, the bee-bee's weren't from last night's surgery to Eeyore, because he only contained stuffing.)

I'm not even sure it happened at home, since he spends three days a week at daycare or a friend's house. I'll have to mentioned it next week, to make sure they check their toys too.

Ugh! I am SOOOOO done with oral fixations!

PS - During Liam's afternoon nap I finished Eeyore's personality reconstruction. I restuffed him and sewed him up. Now Eeyore is good as new!

PPS - This evening we made a little outing to the local park. I took Liam on the swing and down the spiral slide. Then we played in the grass until the mosquitoes found us.

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