Friday, June 15, 2007

Zoo Pals

This afternoon a group of us got together at the Potter Park Zoo. There were five mamas (two of which are expecting), four grade-schoolers, and four babies in our group. It was a hot and hectic time, but we all had fun. Liam enjoyed watching the river otters play in the water...we were all looking at their pond longingly. He also had a lot of fun with the goats in the farmyard. In the picture the goats are checking to see if he or Elli have food. We got a glimpse of the month-old baby snow leopard - he was so cute and already the size of a house-cat. As always, we stopped to watch the mongoose lemurs play. Before we left, Liam and I shared an icecream cone (the one "junk" food item I will allow). After all the heat and excitement, Liam was super tired and fell asleep on our walk home.

Liam has made some more strides towards walking. This morning I saw him quickly shuffle between the recliner and couch without holding onto anything. Then this evening he stood in front of his dresser without support for several seconds before he carefully squatted and sat down.

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