Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy's Day

This morning Sean got happy Father's Day wishes from Liam and mommy as he woke up. This is because Liam slept part of the night with us in bed since he wasn't feeling well (I think we all had a 24hour flu bug, because we had upset stomaches yesterday afternoon into this morning). We gave daddy some cards and a handmade ceramic frame with a picture of Liam for his office.

Unfortunately Sean had to work much of today, so Liam and I had our own adventures in the morning. We helped Alissa and Ashtyn bring home a baby pool from the store. Once we got it set up at Alissa's house, the babies spent over an hour splashing and playing in the water. It was as fun for the babies as it was for us mama's to watch! The babies loved the water so much that not only were Liam's toes pruned, but his whole feet were too! After Ashtyn's pool party, Liam and I stayed for lunch. Liam tried a bunch of new foods. He ate some black beens, pureed red lentils, and some lasagna. To my surprise he really liked the lasagna and ate up the noodles, meat, and cheese!

When we came home Liam and I both took a nap. Daddy finished working just as we woke up. I made daddy a special dinner. We called Liam's grandpas to wish them a happy father's day too. While we played this evening, Liam stood on his own for the longest time yet! We attempted to take a walk. We started out in the Scott Woods, but the mosquitoes were really hungry and it was too hot to walk in the sunny neighborhood. On the walk home, I let Liam walk behind the stroller, pushing it. He was able to walk about 10 feet before getting tired.

Once I get copies of the pool party photos from Alissa, I will add them to this post. Check back later...

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