Thursday, June 21, 2007

What a crrrrrazy day!

Today was such a crazy day! I'm too tired to write about everything that happened to make it that way, but I will tell a couple of random stories.

This afternoon while Liam was peacefully playing and I was reading, our Finches cage came crashing down from the ceiling. I screamed as the cage blew apart and Liam started crying from the shock of the noise and my scream. I quickly calmed him and went to check on the poor birds, who had fortunately remained in their cage even though the top had fallen off. Of course as soon as I walked over to them they took off. Now I had an upset child and two small birds flying all over my living room. I put Liam on the loveseat and asked him to stay there while mommy got the birds safely back in their home. I reassembled the cage, grabbed a towel from the kitchen, caught the birds, and put them back in the cage. Ugh! What a mess to clean up! Bird seed everywhere! Liam watched pensively as I swept up the mess. Afterwards I made Liam a snack of avocado cubes and dried corn.

After Liam took a nap, I decided to let him go bare bottomed and try the potty again. He got a little antsy on the potty, so I took him off...I didn't want to make it upsetting. Of course, as luck would have it, about 30 seconds after he was off the potty he started to pee in the floor. I picked him up and set him on the potty nearby. He managed to get a couple dribbles in the pot! Yeah! (applause & cheers) I am very happy, even if most of it ended up on my floor!

This evening I found out that my neighbor, who was expecting her first at the end of July, was in labor at the local hospital tonight. I ran into her sister, who told me the news. Apparently her water broke last night and she has been in labor ever since but made little progress (only 1cm dilation). This doesn't look good for her...especially considering the c-section rate in this town! I just hope that she and her son will be safe and healthy!

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