Saturday, June 2, 2007


Yard sale season is in full swing. Liam and I found some great bargains in the past two days. Friday started with me watching Elli for Sara. It was a long morning, because both babies were a bit cranky and tired and I was tired too. Eventually I got them to both fall asleep. Nap time consisted of me hold one baby in each arm while in the recliner until they stopped kicking each other and finally fell asleep. This was tough because you know how over-tired babies will cry when you put them to sleep, well both Elli and Liam were not happy about napping and fought sleep to their utmost.

After Elli left, Liam and I had a quite lunch and then we headed out to the local LLL rummage sale. I had high hopes to find some neat things for Liam, but alas, all the organizers have girls! Since I knew most of the people who ran the sale, Liam and I hung out in the yard to play with the other babies and mamas. The good news is that Liam is finally over his grass phobia, the bad news is that he is over his grass phobia and now loves to eat the grass and just about anything he can find in the grass. Ugh! I am SO done with this oral fixation of his! The only thing we bought at the sale was a stuffed Eeyore toy. It turns out that Eeyore is animatronic. He talks and walks.

It was late afternoon before we came home. I stopped at a few more sales on the drive home. I found Liam some great outfits for next fall and winter, as well as another gate for the house and some other odds and ends. At home we got a chance to play with Eeyore. At first Liam was excited about Eeyore and watched him the way he watches animals. But Eeyore got creepier the more we played with him. When you turn the toy on, he says "Hello, I'm Eeyore" and begins to play music as he walks. Then he says "Do ya...want to crawl with me?"...more music and walking..."Come on...might be fun"...more music and get the idea. Sean and I decided that Eeyore might be a pedophile. Liam also took a dislike to Eeyore. He started giving him a wide berth when crawling around him. Later he was openly hostile toward Eeyore and pushed him over. Hmm...It's a rather cute stuffed animal. I might find a way to take out the electronics and just fill it with stuffing. That way he'd be a lot less creepy.

Friday evening we went to Fun Tyme arcade. As usual I played ski-ball and spin-to-win. I won enough tickets to get Liam a set of maracas. Sean tried his hand at the stacker game to win a playstation portable...He came really close a few times. Liam got to ride in the penny airplane. Liam and daddy played the crazy taxi driver arcade game. I took pictures of both activities with my cellphone since I didn't have a camera on me (sorry, I can't download those pics). We also watched some people racing go-karts. Liam clapped every time the cars came around. It was too cute!

Today Liam and I ran errands and stopped at some more rummage sales in the morning. I got Liam a few more nice outfits. I love buying $20-plus clothes for less than a dollar! It got really hot today, so we decided to go ahead and get the air conditioner ready to use. It was sure nice to be able to cool off after our late morning walk in the neighborhood. Liam and I also ate an apple when we came back home. This was the first time that he was able to eat some thin little pieces of apple successfully. The first piece took him a while to eat. He licked it for a bit, then eventually chewed it up. He happily ate a bunch more pieces.

Most of today was spent doing chores. Liam took several long naps...he's a growing boy! We intended to go out at have some fun in the afternoon, but a storm blew in a spoiled our plans. Instead we went to our favorite Chinese buffet. I brought snacks for Liam to eat, but also gave him some white rice to sample. He ate a little and made a mess with the rest. I also gave him a few little bites of rice-flour cake for dessert. He really like that!

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