Friday, June 8, 2007

Spinach Pie

Well, teething is definitely back in full swing at our house. Liam was up every hour last night! Yeah, sleep deprivation! Even in my exhausted state, we managed to have a full day including: playing with blocks, taking the potty for a test drive, stopping at some yard sales, a trip to the city market, and a playdate at the birth center.

While at the market, I bought a yummy spinach pie from one of the vendors for lunch. Liam helped me eat it. He liked it so much that he was disappointed when it was gone (and so was mommy).

We spent most of the afternoon at the birth center for the crawlers group. Liam was so happy because there was another boy there for a change. He played with Sawyer, who was just a couple days older than him. They had a great time playing with the Thomas train set. Unfortunately, he probably won't see Sawyer again at the next group, because he and his family live about two hours away...what a bummer.

Liam was rather cranky this evening and putting him to bed was a struggle. Let's hope he sleeps better tonight though!

PS - We gave Eeyore another try last night. Liam definitely doesn't like it when Eeyore talks. He would push him over and leave him on his back, legs kicking. Sean decided to do some surgery on Eeyore and removed the animatronics from stuffed animal. If I get some more stuffing, I might be able to sew Eeyore back together.

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