Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tasty Treats

Now that Liam has mastered eating solid finger foods, I've been trying to introduce new foods and flavors. I have limited time and energy, so sometimes it's tough to think of nutritious and fun finger foods for him in addition to fixing meals for Sean and myself. I don't feel particularly comfortable with feeding him table food, because of a family history for food allergies. Yesterday Liam ate cubed avocado and grated carrots for dinner. Today it was puffed rice cereal and tofu cubes.

When he's in the mood to eat, he gets really into it and gobbles his food up. When he's not in the mood, however, he makes a mess and rubs his food all over himself and his table. Dried peas are still his favorite snack, although he also loves bananas, dried blueberries, cheerios, rice crispy cereal, baby cheddar crackers, baby vanilla cookies, slices of cheese, graham crackers, and apple slices. He also eats yogurt daily and the occasional jar of pureed fruits or veggies.

Sean and I don't eat a lot of meat, so I've had a tough time with figuring out how to introduce it to Liam. I've given him a few nibbles of lamb and ground beef while we were eating out. He's also sampled shredded chicken and salmon at home. So far he hasn't shown a strong interest in meat. I think he gets plenty of protein through, because he still breast feeds about 6 to 8 times a day!

A pamphlet I received recently says that toddlers eat 25% more calories daily than they need. I think this is definitely the case for Liam. He has gotten kinda chubby again...he's probably about to have another growth spurt (He hasn't really grown much in the past couple months).

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