Sunday, June 24, 2007


Just a short post about Liam's meals...Today was just all about food! This morning I made a big batch of apple-cinnamon oatmeal for Liam and I to share. Since he won't let me spoon feed him anymore, I gave him a spoon and let him have at it! Every once in a while I would help by scooping up a little oatmeal and then he would lick it off.

At lunchtime daddy made one of his awesome homemade pizzas. I cut up some into little pieces for Liam and he loved it! For dinner, I made Pad Thai...a little too spicy for baby. So I gave him some of the chicken before it was stir fried. Liam also ate cheese slices and cheerios with dinner.

Because Liam at some much solid food today, he didn't nurse as much as usual. This resulted in clogged ducts for mommy...ugh! I'll have to wait for my milk supply to catch up with the change in demand.

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