Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm get'n nervous now!

Ehmmm....Yes, this is Liam standing and drinking without using his hands for support! Liam seems determined to be walking before the end of the month.

Liam spent the day in daycare. They said he had a really good day and he helped one of the littler babies turn the pages in a book. At home this evening, Liam ate a BIG dinner of cheese slices and penne noodles. He got very upset after dinner and we couldn't figure out why. Finally I realized that he was thirsty and got him his cup. He drank and bunch of water...and nursed several times...he must have gotten dried out at daycare. The weather was so lovely that we took a walk before dark. Liam rode on my back, but he was kinda' a stinker and kept pinching and molesting me. I let Liam go bare-bottomed for a while this evening and tried setting him on the potty. He didn't go...but at least he was content to hang out on the potty.

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