Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tiny Steps

Today Liam and I were super thrift shoppers. We started out our morning at the Mom to Mom sale, then cruised several of the neighborhood sales. I found many bargains, including this adorable tricycle. It looked brand new and was only $5! Liam took a long nap when we came home...I was eager for him to wake up and see his new toy. He noticed it right away and immediately started pushing it around and saying "rmmmm" (his car sound). I showed him that he could sit on it. His legs are just a smidgen too short to be able to move himself around, so he tried scooting by rocking back and forth on it. He also soon found out that it could be daddy powered. Liam was so thrilled when Sean started pushing him around the apartment on it.

For dinner we tried a new Malaysian restaurant. It was kind of a dive, but very yummy. Liam enjoyed watching the anime that was playing for the owners daughter in the corner. I gave him a couple nibbles of our food, but he wasn't interested. He even passed up a piece of fortune cookie. The cookie that was his had this fortune:

"The step may only be a tiny on, but trust that it may be the largest one possible for now."

Very prophetic considering Liam took a few rudimentary steps today! He's definitely venturing towards walking. He will let go of his support completely when moving between pieces of furniture. He can also walk with me holding only one of his hands.

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Valerie & Charlotte said...

What an adorable trike! It seems like Liam and Charlotte are neck and neck in the walking progress. I'm looking forward to being able to say, "She can walk!" but not really looking forward to chasing after her all day! Have fun, and we love the pictures and stories!