Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Whew! It was a hot one today! I'm going to keep this post short, 'cause it's late and I'm tired. Liam was really restless, clingy, and nursy last night. Both of us woke up a little crabby, but I was determined to turn the day around. I put him on my back in a wrap and we went for a walk through the neighborhood. By the time we got back we were both in much better spirits, even if we were hot and sweaty.

We had a quiet morning at home. Liam got TWO whole naps in for a change. Around 2pm I put Liam in the bike trailer and we went to meet some friends at the water park. I finally remembered my camera and took some pics. Sorry, none in the water (not enough hands to safely do that). It was fun to get wet and cool off from the heat!

Liam and I got home just after daddy did. Since today was the last Tuesday of the month, we decided to go to the thrift shop for their half off sale. We scored a baby walker toy for only $1.50! Liam loves to play with this type of toy at Elli's house, so I was happy to find one so cheap. We ate dinner out at our favorite sub shop. Liam saw another baby there and ate some cheese and bread from mommy's sub.

Once home, Liam took a THIRD nap while mommy and daddy met with the realtor to discuss resuming our house hunt. After his nap Liam had a blast with his new walker toy. Liam actually used the potty TWICE today! A new record...now if I could only catch #2 there would be fewer poopy diapers to wash. :)

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