Monday, June 25, 2007

Magical Monday

Liam had a really bad night of sleep last night, following two good nights of sleep. Like last Thursday night, he wanted to nurse all night long! Ugh, I am sore.

This morning we went to the Elimination Communication (EC) meeting at the birth center. EC is all about figuring out your baby's cues for elimination and using that knowledge to "catch" their waste in a potty instead of a diaper. Most of the time people start EC when the infant is really young. I'm getting around to doing this with Liam now partly because we had such a rough time with reflux/colic/breastfeeding in those early months, that I couldn't tackle it. I also wasn't sure how to get started. However, I found out that I'm already on the right track with what I started doing last week. Usually it is possible to potty train at a much earlier age when you use EC. I tried to catch #1 a couple times today, but had no luck like over the weekend.

Elli came to play in the afternoon. It's amazing how having another baby around will keep Liam so much more content and occupied! We love Elli!

This evening, Liam tplayed peek-a-boo with everything, including his shirt. Sean started playing peek-a-boo with Liam's favorite teddy bear by hiding it behind his taggy blanket. Liam though that was funny. Then Sean made teddy disappear. The look on Liam's face was priceless! He was shocked...where had teddy gone? Sean made teddy reappear and disappear several more times. Then Liam started to suspect something. He tried looking over and behind the footrest where daddy was performing magic to find teddy.

Daddy also teased Liam by making him think that he was sucking on his pacifier. Liam was not amused and screamed to make him stop. Mommy and daddy though it was funny though...he's so possessive of that pacifier! Daddy also showed Liam that some of his toys could be put inside his stacking cups. For the past week Liam has been beginning to get the concept of "inside" and started putting the cups in each other. Once he saw daddy, he started placing all sorts of toys inside the cups. You could just see his excitement at learning something new!

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