Thursday, May 31, 2007

Godzilla Baby Attacks Tofu

Today was quite a day. Liam woke early and took a short morning nap before we headed out to run errands. One of our stops was the birth center. I had hoped to stop in to see our doula, Mizti, but she was not feeling well and didn't come in this morning. Instead we saw a baby goat that someone was dropping off for Kip, the midwife. It was super cute brown and white with little horns. Liam loved it. He even imitated it's little bleats.

We also stopped by one of the consignment shops that specializes in baby gear. I found Liam a great little life jacket for next year - or once he outgrows his current one. I also decided it was time to buy a training potty. They sell the Boon Potty Bench, which I had seen online at a couple places. I was happy to buy it at a local store and not pay shipping. I know it's rather early to start potty training, but Liam seems receptive and I thought it would be a good time to get him used to sitting on it and comfortable with the potty. He also tends to have fairly regular bowl movements in the morning, so that seems like a good place to start.

Once we came home, Liam didn't want to nap. So I prepared him some lunch. I cubed some soft tofu and peaches for him. He's tried peaches before, but tofu was new. Lunch turned out to be quite the sensory experience for him. He spent the first five minutes pounding and smashing the tofu into his table. It was total devastation! I sat and watched, while eating my portion of the peach. Eventually he realized that he could eat it his meal. He tried putting the mashed bits in his mouth. As usual, he made a face. Then he ate some more. Most of the tofu and the peaches ended up on the floor, but at least it was fun!

Today was another hot one, so I decided to take a stroll to the new water fountain park they installed nearby. I put on my swimsuit and dressed Liam in his swim shirt and shorts. By the time we got their, we definitely needed a cooling off. I held Liam and walked through some of the running water. The water was cold and he wasn't too happy at first. Then I let him do the walking, with a little support from me of course. He would wander around through some of the baby-sized fountains and eventually got brave enough for some of the bigger ones. We stopped to warm up and dry off often. We stayed at the park for nearly two hours. It's a really nice place. They even have awnings to keep the sun off you. The whole time we were there and during our walk, Liam was pointing at things. He was taking it all in and watching everything. He has started including the same number of syllables as my words when he imitates my speech.

At home this evening, Liam continued to work on trying to stand without support. He puts one bent leg under him and one leg straight out in front of him. Then he tries to straighten the bent leg and push up. He's come really close to standing a few times. While we were playing, he let go of my hands and stood on his own for a couple seconds. Surprisingly, he didn't fall, but rather put his hands down in front of him and sat down carefully.

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