Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Conjunctivitis - AKA Pink Eye

Yesterday was Liam's 9 month check up. We found out that he is 29 1/2 inches long and 22lbs 8oz. This puts him in the 85th% for height and 80th% for weight. He's still really big, but has slowed his growth down considerably...He's no longer off the charts. I noticed yesterday afternoon that his left eye was a little weepy, the doctor told us it was pink eye. Ick! I'm not sure where he got it from, but it means that his misses another day of daycare that I have to pay for. Ugh! Why is it that the one day of the week I need him to be healthy, he's always sick?! To make matters worse, I had a job interview scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. I made a bunch of calls Tuesday night, but wasn't able to find anyone to watch him on such short nitice. I rescheduled the interview for next Wednesday...Hopefully he will be able to go to daycare that day.

Earlier on Tuesday, we went to mommy's doctor. Liam was well behaved for the long wait in the doctor's office. We read a book about Thomas the Tank Engine in the waiting room. He eventually took a nap while we were in the exam room. Afterwards, we went shopping for a christening gown. It was hard to find one large enough to fit him because he is so big and because we waited so long to baptism him. We also went to Sara's for a bit in the afternoon. Yes, Tuesday was quite a busy day!

Last night Liam didn't sleep well at all. He vomited before bedtime and again during the night. We ended up sleeping most of the night in the recliner together. This morning he seemed a lot better. I wonder if his baby food was bad?

Today Liam stayed home with me because of the pink eye. This morning was stormy and Liam liked to watch the rain out the patio door. He was very playful and silly today. One of his favorite toys is a fabric strap that I bought to fix a piece of luggage...It looks like I won't be getting it back any time soon. He often snuggles with his big stuffed ducky from Auntie Rae. He also loves to be surprised and one point I had my hand on the floor while I was leaning over in the chair. He crawled over and nuzzled my hand and I tickled him. He giggled and crawled away. Then he'd come back and I would get him again. Sometimes I would pretend to be asleep and then surprise him. We continued to play this game for nearly a half hour. It was so much fun to hear him giggle and laugh with delight!

I think I forgot to mention that Liam tried cheese for the first time last weekend. He really loves cheese (he takes after his mommy!). Now whenever I eat cheese and crackers I have to feed him some of the cheese. Today he ate quite a lot of cheese.

PS - Today I had to move the finches to a hanger on the ceiling. Liam nearly pulled their cage onto himself in his eagerness to play with them. The finches wouldn't stop singing after I hung them up...I think they were happy to be away from Mr. Grabby-hands. Afterward Liam kept pointing at the birds as if to tell me that he wanted them to come back down. Later when Sean and I were talking about the birds, he turned to look up at them and pointed...he clearly recognizes the word "bird".

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