Saturday, May 5, 2007

First Haircut & First Grass Exploration

You've probably noticed in the last few photos of Liam that his hair pretty shaggy. This morning Liam got his first haircut! Actually the whole family got their hair cut today! I took him to Smita's Salon, where Olivia usually cut's my hair. Liam sat on my lap and was extremely well behaved and calm. He watched all the hairdressers and was curious about Olivia's tools. I was expecting the whole thing to be much more difficult, but he was an angel! Now he looks more presentable for his christening next weekend. (Note to Family: Gifts are not necessary. If you wish to give Liam a gift, we prefer books, religious items, or money to add to his savings account. Please, please don't buy him clothes or toys. Thanks!)

Once I got my hair cut too, we ran some errands. First stop was a discount sporting goods shop to see if we could find some affordable bikes to replace the ones that were stolen from us...No luck there. Then we went to our favorite gyro shop for lunch. I brought yogurt and graham crackers to feed Liam. We got some looks from the local police when they saw me changing his diaper in the car afterwards. Hey, the world isn't made for taking care of babies...sometimes you've gotta change a diaper in the car. Either that or use one of the restaurant that would have gotten some looks!

Liam fell asleep on the way home, so Sean and I decided to go to the park. Today was quite windy and we thought we might be able to get one of our stunt kites in the air. Liam woke just was we got there. He and I played on the blanket while daddy tried to do stunts. Sean had a trying time, since the wind was so variable. Meanwhile, I tried to entice Liam to touch the lovely green grass. As you can see, the bright yellow dandelion was enough to get him over his fear and actually touch the grass on his own accord. It was so much fun to watch him explore the grass. He had such a pensive look on his face as he studied it and considered touching it. Daddy eventually got him to put both his hands in the grass and crawl and bit too! There is hope yet!

After all our other adventures, we went to church this evening. Sean got to see how much work it is to keep him entertained and relatively quiet during mass (he missed church the last couple times due to illness). I always leave church totally exhausted. Sean said it was "like wrestling an angry monkey" the whole time. We fed him snacks, change a diaper, took him for a walk in the foyer, fed him more snacks, let him play with his stuffed turtle, cuddled, tickled, played peekaboo, you name it...If he's this much work now, I can't imagine how bad it will be when he's a full blown toddler! Church was so much easier with a newborn...(sigh).