Monday, May 28, 2007

Super Sunday (May 27, 2007)

Sunday was a busy, yet lazy sort of day. Liam slept very well the night before in the cottage. He slept in a pack-and-play next to my bed. He woke once in the middle of the night and instead of crying, he had found his pacifier, stood up, and started poking me to wake me up.

We had a relaxing morning in the cottage. Mom and dad fixed a big breakfast. Liam sat at the table and ate cheerios and played. Liam also got to see the local swan, who was hanging out in the lake in front of the cottage. When Liam went down for a morning nap, my dad stayed in the cottage to keep an eye on him while the rest of us went for a paddle. I took out my old kayak. Sean took the canoe. We explored the lake, since we had never been there before. My mom joined us in her kayak. We were lucky that Liam took a long nap and he was still sleeping when we came back due to rain.

It was still kinda rainy after he got up. We had lunch and then decided to take a drive to see the cottage that Sean's parent's had just bought. Their cottage is only around 20 miles away from my parent's place. Sean's folks are planning on retiring there in a few months. How exciting and how great is it that both our parent will be in the same area?! We really liked the cottage when we saw it. We also took a drive around the lake to check it out.

When we got back to my parent's place, my mom and I decided to go to one of the local antique malls with Liam. This would give Sean a chance to paddle while we were out. Liam had a lot of fun looking at all the things in the mall. He especially liked the large concrete sculpture of a raccoon holding an ear of corn that we saw. He kept squealing and pointing at it.

Afterwards, Sean agreed to watch Liam so that I could go paddling. They played on the porch for a little bit, but soon retreated into the cottage due to mosquitoes. Meanwhile, my mom and I paddled. We had such a great time at the lake! I never seen Liam so happy and relaxed. He loves the water just as much as his parents! We are so lucky to have parents with cottages and look forward to making many memories with Liam.

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