Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

As you've noticed I am terribly behind in this blog. With all the traveling and then getting sick with the cold that Sean had, I haven't had the time or energy. But I will do my best to summarize the past few days.

Sunday, May 13th

My First Mother's Day! We had a rough night last night. Liam didn't want to sleep and Sean was feeling bad. This morning my mom made me a latte with the raw milk I bought down...YUM! Dad made us all ham and eggs. Sean and Liam gave me a lovely card and a gift. By late morning we got things all packed up and headed to the nursing home that my grandfather is in. He was sleepy from an insulin reaction the night before, but we stayed to have lunch with my grandma and Aunt Chris, who were also visiting. Just before we left, grandpa woke up a bit and got to see Liam. I am happy that we got to talk to him for a little while.

Liam slept the drive home. Sean and I were both tired, so we took turns driving. We picked up Chinese take-out for dinner, because we were tired. Liam played happily. I noticed him try to whistle by curling his tongue and blowing. It was really funny to watch! He actually made a little sound too!

Monday, May 14th

I took Liam to Sara's house for her to watch him. I got a chance to catch up on some of my work. Then around 1pm I watched both Elli and Liam for the afternoon. Both the babies were tired, so I put Elli on my back and Liam in the stroller and we took a long walk in the nearby Scott Woods. Both babies napped and I got a relaxing walk. Once back at the apartment, they played very well together. They enjoyed making "music" by banging cups together...we had quite the cup symphony! Liam kept trying to hug Elli like he hugs his stuffed animals. We had a nice relaxing evening after Elli went home. Liam got a bath and slept well last night...he must be feeling better.

BTW: I'm not sure whether I've mentioned this already, but Liam has learned to ask to be nursed. He says "nyny" when he wants to nurse! This is great, because he doesn't have to bite me anymore. He has been doing this consistently for the past couple weeks.

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Valerie & Charlotte said...

I love that picture of Liam - he looks so mischevious!