Friday, May 11, 2007

No Sleep Marathon

Well, it seems that Liam has the same talent for surviving on next to no sleep that both his mommy and daddy had in their youth. Liam was up all last night and refused to nap most of today. So, I'll keep it brief 'cause I wanna go to bed!

Thursday morning we pretty uneventful. Sara and Elli came over for a visit late morning. Liam and Elli played. Liam got rather possessive over his mini See-and-say toy...I had to put it away to keep the peace. Then we ran our many errands for the week. I got Liam some new snacks. I bought some organic cheddar crackers and some freeze dried peas. He tasted the peas for the first time on Monday, when Eva gave him some of Hannah's. He loves them so much that he kept begging me for more of them all afternoon.

In the evening, I watched Elli. She really missed her mommy at first and clung to me. This made Liam a little jealous. Sean and I took the little ones out for a walk since the weather was so nice. Sean carried Liam on his back & I carried Elli in a sling. Elli got really excited and started saying "doggy" when she heard a neighbor's dog bark (she has a pet dog). She began to relax after that and the rest of the evening went smoother. Elli sure likes to "talk" a lot. We could make out a few words in her cute little voice. Sara's class didn't get out till 9pm, so we were pretty late getting Liam to bed after Elli went home. He really needed a bath, so it was nearly 10pm by the time I put him to bed.

He was up and down most of the night. Nothing appeared wrong with him. He would only cry if you tried to rock him to sleep or left him in the crib. By 4:30am, I was desperate to get him to sleep and let Sean get some rest for work, so I took Liam for a drive...worked like a charm. Though gasoline is getting too expensive to go for a drive every time the baby won't sleep!

This morning he was in a good mood, which was surprising considering how little sleep he had. He played with fluffy puppy and was very content watching Sesame Street. (According to the show today is national try a new food day...Liam tried two new foods yesterday.) He resisted nap time though and started to get cranky by late morning. We went to the crawlers playgroup in the afternoon and I left early so he could nap in the car again. Liam had fun pulling toys out of the baskets and playing with the Thomas the Tank Engine table and toys. We saw our old friends Lisa and little Leslie. We hadn't seen them for over a month, ever since we left the pre-crawlers group. It was good to see them again. Hannah and Elli were there with their mommy's too.

Liam finally took a long nap after we came home. I used the time to prepare some food for his christening party tomorrow, rather than taking a nap myself. This evening, Liam's daddy taught him to smack his lips like he was eating. Sean would say "How's that peanut butter" and Liam would start smacking his lips...what a laugh!

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