Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time for Healing

I don't have too much to say today. Liam was at Sara's for half of Tuesday and at daycare all of today. I missed him, but really needed the time to heal and rest. I'm feeling a little better, but far from perfect. Last night Liam was running a fever too, so I made a doctor appointment for him this evening. Sean and I picked him up from daycare and went to the doctor. His sinuses were packed again...another sinus infection...more antibiotics. I just wish we could break this cycle of illness!

Liam has been very happy and feisty despite being sick. Yesterday he got to wade in a baby pool at Sara's house. He also tried hummus and pita bread for the first time at dinner. He now crawls everywhere in the apartment to find me if I step away for a moment. He's especially good at tracking me down in the bathroom. Sean taught him to make "vroom vroom" sounds when he plays with his toy bus and car. Now he makes vroom noises whenever he pushes his toys around on the floor. Too cute! He was a real flirt at the doctor's office, especially with the women doctor who saw him tonight.

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