Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday is Try New Food Day!

Today has been all about eating. This morning Liam tried cubes of avocado. He ate a few, but wasn't too enthused. Later he tried organic vanilla cookies while grocery shopping. Yum! He also had plums for the first time at lunch. Then at dinner he tried a little of my chicken...he's not too crazy about chicken.

In addition to the edible items, Liam also tried several inedible things too (much to my dismay). He chewed the corners off one of his new board books and may - or may not have - eaten some cellophane off of another book (I can't say for certain because I only found a bit of cellophane on his cheek). Both incidents were not shinning moments for me as a mother. It's amazing how much trouble he can get into even when he's being watched all the time...even supposedly baby safe items can be dangerous sometimes.

I'm still feeling ridiculously sick. I just hope that I will be better by the weekend.

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