Friday, May 25, 2007


Ok, here are some assorted odds and ends that I keep forgetting to post about.

First, Liam has shown a strong interest in communicating with us during the last couple weeks. About a month ago he started pointing at things occasionally. Now he is constantly pointing at objects, people, and animals and says "ga" or "da". I usually try to figure out what he's pointing to and tell him the name of whatever it is. I am kinda excited about this new stage. It clearly shows that he is observing the world around him and try to understand and interact with it. Sometimes he smiles when I tell him what he was pointing at. For example, he typically points at our pet birds a couple times a day and when I tell him "birds" he smiles and tries to imitate my word. So cool!

Even though Liam's sleep has been kind of erratic this week, I did want to mention that last week he went almost seven days sleeping through the night with no waking or nursing! Let's hope this will keep up once his infection is gone!

I have been wanting to order Liam some nice leather sandals with soft soles, but didn't know what brand to buy or where to get them. There are many different brands of soft-soled baby shoes, like Jo Shoes, Pedoodles, Pediped, and Robeez. I like the look of Pediped the best. My friend Alissa had ordered a pair for Ashtyn and I got to look at them in person and they were very nice. She told me about an online shoe store that sold them with a discount and free shipping, so I decided to go for it. Liam's shoes arrived this past Monday. They are really nice. You can't see them very well, but he's sleeping in them in the photo in today's first post.

Sean has successfully taught Liam to go "vroom" when he pushes his truck and bus around on the floor. He also makes sound effects when he pushes other toys too. He's also started to pick up on the game of putting animals into the bus as well as taking them off.

At daycare on Wednesday, I think Liam did his first definitive wave bye-bye. We were saying goodbye to friend's son Aidan. Liam watched everyone wave and finally reacted by intentionally waving his left hand and forearm. Yeah! Now if I could only be as successful with clapping hands. Liam has resisted doing these sorts of things...I think he thinks their silly.

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