Monday, May 28, 2007

Standing Ovation at the Ren Faire

Today we packed things up at the cottage and headed back towards home. Our plans were to spent Memorial Day at the Mayfaire Renaissance Festival. Liam napped on the drive there. We arrived around 11am. As usual, I carried Liam on may back in the Ergo carrier, which got many comments from the faire participants. We wandered around looking at the booths and people. Liam had a lot of fun (despite how he looks in the first photo - he was trying to figure out what mommy was doing, not really scowling).

We stopped to watch one of the performances - this one was a group of singing pirates. Out of the blue, Liam started clapping! He would clap during and after the songs. He also giggled and squealed very loudly. So loud, in fact, that the performers and the audience took notice of him. I was so please and proud of Liam, not only for clapping, but for doing it at an appropriate time! It was as if he were just waiting for us to take him to an event worthy of a clap. Later, at home Sean captured him clapping in photos. Liam kept clapping while I was trying to feed him at dinner...apparently singing pirates and peach yogurt both warrant standing ovations!

At the faire, I got some ideas for sewing garb for the family. We currently don't have any fun outfits to wear to these sorts of things, but I hope to make something for the next faire we go to. There are several more later in the summer.

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