Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't tell my landlord, there's pee pee on the floor!

On Tuesday, Liam spent the morning at Sara’s. I was feeling really sick, so instead of working I rested. I went to pick up Liam a little early and stayed to chat with Sara & Lindsey for a bit. Liam was tired, so we both got a nice afternoon nap before daddy came home. Before Liam woke I checked my temperature and found out that it was 103!

During one of Liam’s diaper changes, he crawled away from me before I got a fresh diaper on. While I was reaching for a cover, I looked up to see him peeing on the floor and smiling like a Cheshire cat as he did it. He giggled and laughed at me as I mopped up the mess. Apparently he thought that was extremely funny!

Liam slept through the night last night. I had a rough time though. The crazy fever dreams and the hives I got from taking Tylenol made for a really long night. Why is it that the baby always sleeps great when I can't sleep?

Today Liam was in daycare all day. I spent the morning doing laundry and trying to rest. In the afternoon I had an interview for a tutoring position. The good news is I got the job, the bad news is they don’t have any summer hours for me. Sean and I both went to pick up Liam in the evening. They said he did really good today and even drank his bottles for once! I am pleased to hear that he is getting more comfortable being away from me and playing with other babies.

Once home I fed Liam yogurt and dried peas. Liam has been a real chowhound the past few days. I can’t seem to give him enough finger-food snacks, especially in the evening. He’ll eat cheerios, dried peas, cheddar crackers, graham crackers, bananas, and more. In addition, he still nurses quite a bit too. I think he might be going through another growth spurt.

We also played a lot this evening. He loves to roughhouse and be tickled and surprised. Peekaboo is another favorite. Liam has also shown a real interest in books lately. He loves to play with his board books and will giggle to himself as he looks at the pages.


Valerie & Charlotte said...
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Valerie & Charlotte said...

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear you're sick... I hope you feel better soon! About Liam peeing on the floor, I thought about saying, "Boy, I'm glad I have a girl," but Charlotte has her own methods of revenge for getting her diaper changed! Lately, she likes to climb all over me, and yesterday, that resulted in poop getting smeared on the front of my shirt while I had to change her in a public restroom that had a changing station with no straps on it (what were they thinking?) I can wash my hands and arms, but I was stuck wearing the poopy shirt until I got home... yuck!

Thought that might cheer you up... get well soon! I have contracted a yeast infection from nursing Charlotte, who has thrush from her antibiotics... OUCH-OUCH-DOUBLE-OUCH! Don't try this at home! (talk about searing pain...)

Hang in there... I think we might get to really sleep again in 20 years or so! :)