Thursday, May 3, 2007

Happy 9mo Birthday!

Liam turned the big 9 (months that is!) today. He slept well last night...he stirred on a couple occasions, but settled himself back to sleep. This morning at 8:46, the time he was born nine months ago, we were napping on the recliner together. He did pretty good today, even though he wasn't feeling well and had a doctor's appointment to go through. Before the doctor, I stopped in one of my favorite toy/book stores. I got Liam a little frog finger puppet. It came in handy because we waited a long time to see the doctor. To my surprise, he didn't cry this time when he had his ears examined. The doc said Liam had a sinus infection. AGAIN!?! Oy! This time he prescribed two courses of Azythrimycin. Supposedly this antibiotic doesn't kill all the good bacteria like the other ones do. So hopefully Liam won't get yeast again.

After the doctor visit we went to Kroger to get his 'script and grocery shop. I never usually get groceries at Kroger, so it took a while to find everything on my list. On the drive home Liam feel asleep. He stayed asleep when I brought him in and put him in his crib. After I put the food away and took care of a few odds and ends, I also took a nap since I wasn't feeling the greatest either.

Liam's bottom is looking better, but he still cries at diaper changes. The nurse told me that commercial diaper wipes are the culprit. I don't used them at home, so it was during daycare that he had the reaction. I may have to tell them to use cloth diapers and wipes to prevent this problem from reoccurring. The nurse also told me to put mylanta on his bottom and to use a blow-dryer to dry it off. It seems strange, but so far I have noticed some improvement.

This afternoon, we made a quick trip to Aldi before daddy came home. Then we all went to the church rummage sale down the street. I found Liam a cute tied-dyed romper. Sean and I were is a summer time mood, so we made turkey burgers for dinner, complete with toasted bun, red onions, provolone cheese, and a green salad and potato salad on the side. Yum! I gave Liam a couple tastes of my turkey burger. He ate it up eagerly. He also ate some pureed spinach and carrots for dinner too. After dinner, we took a stroll around the neighborhood. We noticed a lot more houses up for sale now. We're not looking quite as hard for a house right now, because there is a threat of layoffs at Sean's job. We're going to wait and see...

Both Sean and I read Liam stories tonight. I also played around with him in the tunnel. He has gotten so proficient at crawling that he can move as fast as I walk! He can also stand while leaning against the furniture and play with a toy. He has gotten braver about walking and sometimes let's go, but always falls when he does. Today he babbled "B's" a bunch. We worked on words like: ball, baby, bird, boy, and book.

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