Friday, May 18, 2007

The Wheels on the Bus Go...

Well...this morning didn't start so great for us, because I was still quite sick. The situation forced us to cancel our plans to go to the Great Lakes Kite festival today and camp on Grand Haven beach for the weekend. We were all really bummed. :(

To try to make the best of things, we went to story book time at a local childrens book and toy store. Today's theme was "In the dirt"...something I know a lot about and am very fond of! I was impressed that Liam sat through two whole stories, "Mud" and "Duck Stuck". Before we left, we looked for a truck for Liam and found a nice heavy-duty red plastic one for him...It's Viking Made! Liam has shown an interest in pushing his toys around on the floor, so Sean and I have both been looking for a nice wheeled toy for him.

Later on the way home, we stopped at a bunch of yard sales. We ended up walking through the neighborhood next to us, where our friend Alissa and her daughter, Ashtyn live. We ran into Alissa and Ashtyn, and spent part of the afternoon talking and playing at their house. Liam had great fun with all of Ashtyn's toys. But he wants to apologize for taking a bite out of one of her board books.

In our yard sale wanderings, we found Liam a sleeping bag and a cute Tykes bus complete with little kids. He had a blast playing with it once I cleaned it up. He thought it was really funny when mommy made it drive over her and daddy and Liam. He also thought it was really funny when mommy made a surprised face...I don't think I've ever heard him laugh so hard. My antics even gave him the hiccups!

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