Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Look! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the cutest baby ever!

I am so blessed to have just the cutest little boy ever! Liam sure doesn't look like a baby anymore...he's really starting to look like a toddler. The doctor even called him a toddler last week. Not only does he look like a toddler, but he acts like one too. He's constantly trying to communicate, usually by pointing. He has a real sense of humor. He thinks it's so funny to make me chase after him or to startle me by blowing raspberries while I'm feeding him purees. He's gotten very good at amusing himself and playing by himself (as long as I'm nearby in the room with him). But it's always more fun to try to play with whatever mommy has - like the checkbook I was attempting to balance tonight.

Here he is in one of the Hawaiian shirts I bought for him yesterday at the thrift store. Liam has been trying to stand up unsupported for the past week. He's gotten close, but hasn't succeeded yet. I'm sure he'll be standing up and walking in no time...I have to admit I'm not particularly eager for him to start walking, he's enough of a handful already!

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