Friday, May 25, 2007

It's too hot!

Yesterday we had quite a heat wave here in Michigan. I think the official high was 89 degrees here in town, which is unseasonably hot for May. Liam and I ran our errands in the late morning after my dental appointment. By the time we got home, the apartment was already quite hot. I was determined NOT to use the airconditioning though. So we kept the lights off and the blinds closed to keep it cooler. Liam resisted taking a nap, but eventually I got him to fall asleep after noon and we both dozed in the armchair together.

Liam woke up just before Sara arrived with Elli. I normally take the babies for a walk, but the heat kept us indoors. Instead we found some different things to do. We made "music" by banging toys together, read stories, ate lots of crackers (it's amazing how hungry such little people can be!), watched Curious George, stacked and unstacked cups, etc... Even with a fan running, it was so hot in the apartment that the babies were sweating. I decided to let them go naked, except for a diaper. They enjoyed it immensely.

After Elli went home, Sean, Liam, and I went to Target to buy another floor fan and a blender to replace the one I broke a couple weeks ago. We can't make it through the summer without being able to make smoothies. Once home, Liam crashed and took an evening nap. When he woke up, he was fascinated by the new fan and was determined to try to touch it. Sean and I each had to scold him and tell him how dangerous the fan is. We tried to buy one with really small slots, but his fingers are just so tiny. I kept the fan behind a chair to prevent him from getting to it. He enjoyed standing in front of it with the air blowing over him and tousling his hair.

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