Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sent Home Early

As you know, Liam goes to daycare on Wednesdays so that I can work on my dissertation. Well, today I received a call from the daycare director at around 2:30. They wanted me to come pick up Liam because he was "really fussy". They saw him pull on his ear and thought that he might have an earache. When I got there he was fine, although I learned that he refused to eat most of the day. I'm sure being hungry was making him cranky! So I fed him the pureed bananas that send with him to daycare and then breastfed him too. We played a little with the other babies before leaving. I think it's more likely that he is teething again. I know he has a little sinus congestion, but it's not an earache just yet. We're going to see the doctor tomorrow morning just to be sure though. (I am a bit miffed that Sean and I didn't get our hour of time alone this evening. We have gotten used to having a little time each week to ourselves before we pick Liam up from daycare.)

When I got home I discovered that he had a terrible diaper rash - this made him cry! Sean and I tried our best to console him. We gave him a soothing bath, some juice to drink, and cuddled a lot. Once he calmed down, Liam roughhoused with me...he loves to craw all over me. In the process, he accidentally head-butted me in the nose. Ouch! I still have a headache from that! We also had fun crawling in the tunnel and playing peekaboo. And we read some books too. Before bed Liam ate some peach yogurt. This was his first taste of peach and he loved it!

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